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Vintage Embroidered Monarch Flour Sack

Price: $425.00
I would bet that this is a one of a kind, that is why I bought this very nice Monarch Flour Sack for my collection of Monarch items.

When the First World War began in 1914, Germany invaded Belgium, soon followed by France. Belgium imported almost all of its food. Since German troops not only confiscated all available provisions, but refused to feed the country's inhabitants, the Belgian people were in a terrible predicament and facing mass starvation.

While America did not enter WWI until 1917, there was a push by future Republican President Herbert Hoover to aid Belgium. Flour was sent to Belgium and The Belgian women and Girls would embroid the flower sacks and send them back as thanks for helping them survive during WW1.

I framed this for display, the frame is 34" x 22", and the sack is 28" x 14". I can take it out of the frame to ship if you do not want the frame, though the framing cost about $100.

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